Cedar and Sage Daylesford
is for you, your family, your home.

We understand that stories are created in the family home.

With backgrounds in design, fashion, textiles, interiors, sales and marketing, with a shared passion for our family and homes it was destiny that the genesis of Cedar and Sage was born around our family table.

We first opened our doors in regional Victoria, in October 2020, amidst a global pandemic… Cedar and Sage Online is derived from our bricks and mortar store Cedar and Sage Daylesford.

A Family affair

`We' are Jilly and Sally, extended family members, who have a love for making homes beautiful and liveable with texture, colour and style - creating a space that everyone feels welcome with the comfort of friends, family, good food and drinks!


Cedar and Sage Daylesford is a home, gift and lifestyle destination where we source as much local and Australian made product as possible and have a strong commitment to sustainable and ethically sourced materials.


Our online store is a curated collection of all the goodness from Cedar and Sage Daylesford, for you to shop anywhere, any time.